Album release: Look Inside by Nils Bech
Release date: 14 January 2013
Label: Fysisk Format

“Ethereal, hauntingly beautiful” - Dazed Digital; Recently featured in TIME Magazine and NY Times

Meet the Norwegian musician and performing artist Nils Bech - an unusual and acutely talented gentleman who explores the tensions between art and dance, contemporary music and pop music. His way of making connections between musical genres and across different settings sets him apart as a truly original artist. 

Look Inside is the title of his second album, an album featuring arrangements and performances that range from electronic producers Ost&Kjex to the contemporary classical composers Ole Henrik Moe and Julian Skar.

"I wanted to make an album that brought together genres that may feel opposite, but still feels very close to me" Nils Bech explains. 

As the sub-titles on each song indicates, the album tells a story from start to finish:

"The album tells the story of a romantic meeting that made me take a new look at myself and defy parts of my personality that I've brought with me my whole life"

Nils Bech has been involved in the music and arts scene in Oslo for close to a decade and has performed all over the world, including at The 54th Venezia Biennale, The New Museum and PS1 in New York, The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) and Frieze Foundation London to name a few.

Look Inside is his darkest and most ambitious project so far. The album is a journey through the different emotions and tensions of a relationship and involves the listeners through states of vulnerability and suspicion - but also joy and bliss. 

The artwork features works by Nils' long-time friend and collaborator, the artist Ida Ekblad, as well as photography by Benjamin A. Huseby. The graphic design is done by MVM.

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