Album release: Wide-Eyed & Determined by The Apostates
Release date: December 10 2012
Label: Wolves of Suburbia
Listen on: The Apostates website 

Formed in 2006, The Apostates are vocalist and guitarist Adam, bassist Steve and drummer, Mike. They have a determination and clear vision that sees them taking on all aspects of their creative output including building the sets and props for their debut single’s music video.

Having played well over 400 live shows, as well as a session for the Radio 1 Punk Show, The Apostates have become widely regarded as one of “London's best kept secrets”, choosing hard work and songwriting over gimmicks and the all too common style-over-substance they see coursing through the scene. With the release of debut album Wide Eyed & Determined (produced at Middle Farm Studios by James Bragg and Pete Miles), that secret is soon to be out of the bag. Having fine-tuned their songwriting, and live show, The Apostates are quickly on the rise. From the guttural Sixteen, through the contemplative So Now, and the breezy Your Voice, they never lose sight of their melodic intentions, becoming impossible to ignore. 

Wide Eyed & Determined is a celebration of struggle, survival and clear thinking, a journey from the shadowed beginning to the lighter side of living. Songs written from not just the bottom of the barrel, but the centre of the ocean, wading through troubled times and embracing the support of those around them. Released through the band’s own label, Wolves Of Suburbia, the record opens a new chapter in the band’s career, highlighting their DIY work ethic and dedication to the scene. 

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