Album release: Story by David Bronson
Release date: January 7, 2013 
Listen on: David Bronson official site 

After a number of years of writing, producing, and recording, David Bronson has finished a 22-song cycle, broken into 2 albums, collective called The Long Lost Story. The first record, Story comes out January 7 2013. 

On the surface, the records begin with a description of a young man’s loss of hope and identity following the end of first love, and continue through the prolonged, arduous, and life-changing journey to re-find them. The multi-faceted project, however, reveals itself to have numerous levels of meaning, as metaphors of artistic creation, the passage of time, completion, and resolution are all dealt with. ‘It became all consuming, and a real test, of sorts’ David explains of the project’s dual emotional trajectories.

Despite being an indie musician with a tight budget, Bronson let nothing get in the way of the album’s large and expressive scope. Originally meant as one record, it became obvious to Bronson that the album represented growth itself, not just the end of a relationship, and the project itself would need to grow with that realisation. ‘It became a metaphor and conduit for everything I was feeling in my inner life, and I put everything into it,’ he explains. “I indulged myself to get everything the way I wanted; the art of it became the only thing that mattered.”

Legendary producer and mix engineer Godfrey Diamond (Lou Reed, Aerosmith, Sparks) mixed Story and assisted David with the finishing of the album.

With numerous classic influences on the record, from Neil Young to George Harrison's solo material, but with the looseness and experimentation that also hangs around modern converts to the folk-rock sound, from bands such as Grizzly Bear, Band Of Horses and latter day Iron & Wine, you can hear the scope of Bronson’s intense desire to produce a full-bodied exploration of his inner life.

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