Album release: Two Wings, Love’s Spring
Release date: April 30 2012 
Label: Tin Angel Records

As the noughties came to a close, Two Wings (whose core members are singer/multi-instrumentalist/visual artist Hanna Tuulikki and guitarist/singer Ben Reynolds) had its birth. Having spent years bumping into each other in Glasgow’s burgeoning folk scene, the pair finally took some time out to explore and develop their own compositions together, following in the direction of their many musical passions - from traditional folk (rock) to rock n’ roll to psychedelia to soul and beyond.

Glasgow has always been fertile ground for those seeking to synthesize traditional/popular musical forms with a more progressive approach, and Hanna and Ben have long been travellers on this path. Hanna's experimental song-based project Nalle was described by Wire Magazine as “easily some of the most convincing free-folk the UK has ever produced”. She was also a member of free-form jazz folk ensemble Scatter and The Family Elan. Ben has been a solo artist for many years and his numerous releases include the 2009 solo guitar album How Day Earnt Its Night, released by New York's Tompkins Square Records. Ben was also the original lead-guitarist in critically acclaimed Glasgow folk-rockers Trembling Bells and has collaborated with a number of other artists including Glasgow's Alasdair Roberts and Tin Angel Records' Baby Dee.

Tin Angel Records has made quite a noise with some of its recent signings, and Two Wings join an already fabulous roster. On tracks like the album opener Eikon, Hanna’s utterly unique vocals steal the show, while the seven minute title track is progressive, haunting, even unsettling at times. Elsewhere, Alters & Thrones marries twinkles and chimes with ethereal vocals and the 8-minute epic album closer Forbidden Sublime purposefully meanders its way to a spellbinding climax. Two Wings are quite simply impossible to ignore. 

Two Wings' line-up is completed by instrument builder and bass guitarist Kenny Wilson, singer Lucy Duncombe and drummer Owen Curtis Williams (Wood Pigeon, Eagleowl, Rob St John, Benni Hemm Hemm).

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