Album release: I'm Kingfisher, Arctic
Release date: 10 October 2011
Label: Playground Music 

Praise for I'm Kingfisher

"Sweden’s equivalent to Will Oldham" - The Times

"He makes much of his kinship with Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Bright Eyes and Cat Power, but I actually find him more appealing than all of them” - Rob Fitzpatrick, Word

"Yes, Neil Young is traceable in his voice and in some of his melodies, but really this is the fuzzy introspection of M Ward and his ilk: quiet choogling in the face of a stand-offish, underwhelming nature." - The Independent

"In a crowded marketplace, this album stands out" - 4/5 from Simon Cosyns, The Sun

"Friends of The National will find a kindred soul here" - Rob Hughes, Uncut

”Jonsson’s writing stands head and shoulders above the herd” - Rock n Reel

I'm Kingfisher - the new album

I’m Kingfisher is the new solo alias of the Swedish indie/folk-artist Thomas Denver Jonsson and Arctic is a conceptual album. It contains very personal thoughts and details, making it Thomas’ most contemporary and personal material to date. Compared with his previous catalogue, Arctic is a more edgy and experimental song collection, blending acoustic and synthetic elements without losing his ever strong sense of melody and songcraft. Equal parts drone, blues and folk, the record is coated in a bleak but hopeful darkness.

Jonsson’s music is rooted in an indie/folk tradition reminiscent of M Ward, Jason Molina and Gillian Welch but, from a lifetime centred around the Swedish and US underground, also has sparks of Fennesz, Mogwai and Animal Collective.

Over the past few years Thomas has toured with numerous acclaimed acts and his albums have been guested by scene luminaries such as Damien Jurado, Rosie Thomas and Ned Oldham. Arctic contains contributions from members of Viarosa and Helios amongst many others.

UK live dates

This September I'm Kingfisher will play selected dates in the UK in support of the release:

6/09 Dublin Castle-Camden, London
8/09 Buffalo Lounge, Cardiff
9/09 The Central Station, Wrexham
10/09 The Well Inn Festival 2011, Holywell
11/09 The Telford’s Warehouse, Chester

For more information, guestlist or promo copies of “Arctic” please contact us.

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