EP Release: Sport of Kings, Logic House
Release date: 5 December 2011
Label: Scilab Records

Acclaimed New York band Sport of Kings play live in London’s Wilmington Arms venue on 18 November and Dublin’s Grand Social venue on 24 November, and release a new EP on 5 December.

Comprising members from far flung places and music of different styles (and often presented wearing matching outfits), Sport of Kings hail from Brooklyn. At the heart of the band however, is an Irish songwriter, Richard Kelly, who moved to New York from Ireland in 2006. His Dublin-based band Capratone had previously received much attention and airplay and released an EP and LP on Irish independent labels.

Shortly after the move to New York, Richard set up 'Scientific Laboratories Music Studios' in Brooklyn, attracting bands such as Yeasayer, The Ravonettes and Au Revoir Simone.

He also played in 4-piece band with bass player Ben Haberland; and it was the departure of the second guitarist that led to the decision that brought about Sport of Kings. 

At the time, Kelly’s band played catchy, clever indie rock along the lines of Pavement, Modest Mouse, and others, mixed with 4-part Beach Boys style harmonies. Following a suggestion by Haberland that the guitarist be replaced with a keyboard player, it was decided that the keyboard in question should be none other than a Fender Rhodes electric piano (this reflected the band’s love of Steely Dan and smooth 70's rock, much of which features this classic keyboard). Colorado native Matt Beckemeyer joined as chief Rhodes player in early 2009. 

So happy was everyone with the new musical direction that the band agreed to take the fusion of their original sound with 70s smooth rock to its natural conclusion, by adding a three piece horn section and another classic keyboard to proceedings, the Moog synth. The band debuted in early 2010 and have since been receiving rave reviews in the US. You can see why by watching their quirky video for single Free Jazz at www.prescriptionmusicpruk.com/videos/ (or if you're reading this in a browser, by streaming below).

The immediate future sees Sport of Kings release an EP, Logic House, on 5 December with a full-length record due in Jan 2012. 

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