Single release: The Savage Nomads, What The Angel Said
Release date: November 21
Label: Alaska Sounds

"Coloured Clutter - the best debut album from a British band this year" - Artrocker

"I can't think of anyone better than The Savage Nomads to rock the whole world" - Mick Jones, The Clash

"The country's most un-English sounding band. Singer Cole channels his inner David Byrne, but musically they hone everything from At The Drive-In to The Libertines" - Matt Wilkinson, NME Radar

Keep an eye out for The Savage Nomads. They're hungry and on the move!" - Matt Johnson, The The

For a band of a combined age of approximately sixty five, The Savage Nomads have instantly made some promising strides in the right direction - they boast more youthful exuberance, hope and naivety than almost seems bearable. The band have already been hailed as saviours of contemporary music by many in a position to know. Mick Jones of The Clash, luminary DJ Don Letts and Gavin Martin at The Daily Mirror have all vocally offered their support and the band have garnered fiercely supportive reviews in Music Week, Artrocker, The Independent and Mojo as well as a rapidly-building online buzz. The aforementioned Mick Jones even had the band play some of their first ever shows, when they were only mid way through their teens, at his Carbon Casino events in London. This fruitful and supportive relationship has continued and blossomed into something much richer, which will no doubt act as a promiscuous platform for the band to proceed into the world of music.

“We’ve always been interested in… everything” says singer/guitarist Cole Salewicz; and The Savage Nomads’ forthcoming single, What The Angel Said - taken from gracious new album Coloured Clutter - defiantly carries out that statement. Crawdaddy scribe Emma Dennis notes the “surprising juxtaposition of language and style” that makes The Savage Nomads so stunningly compelling.

What The Angel Said is a credit to contemporary music. These young innovative musicians boast remarkable intelligence, effortlessly demonstrating innovative song writing capabilities throughout. You may think the most exciting thing about these youthful pioneers is the band’s refusal to bow to current trends, avoiding the tactical move in aiming for chart success for financial comfort, relying instead on their own instinctive, modernist song structures, production and form; which is so clearly evident in What The Angel Said – a three and a half minute track filled with swagger, showboating urgent riffs and a raw confidence that’s highlighted through their compassionate youth.

Progressive, incisive math combines with art-punk, dub and garage rock to create something as complex but as ultimately cocksure as this description might suggest.

The Savage Nomads? In their own words: “Welcome to the business”.

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