Album release: James Deane, Diamonds and Hearts
Release date: January 16 2012
Label: Denzil Records 

The name rings a bell doesn’t it? No, this isn’t a misunderstood teenager without a cause, rather a talented musician armed with a guitar, a few hundred songs and melodies that will make you melt. James Deane expresses that rare combination of alt-country and British tradition - both grounded to our beloved Kingdom and enthralled with the dust and thunder of his Nashville cousins.

With evocative, poetic lyrics and guitar lines plucked from a haunted pre-war guitar, Diamonds & Hearts is his debut full length album. It’s a beautiful collection of the songs dearest to him.

Influenced by the honest song craft of Neil Young, John Martyn and Jackson Browne, James’ musical appeal spans generations. From the shimmering, Tom Petty-esque opener and title track Diamonds & Hearts, through to the confessional closer Strange Emotion, James somehow covers all the bases. Heartened harmonies, characteristic country riffs and encouraging lyrics span both soulful ballads and rock ‘n’ roll beats.

The album will console any listeners’ craving for catharsis while James’ presence offers warmth and gentility. So forget that film star guy. Oh, you already had. 

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