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Although Ireland is a small market, it is one not to be sniffed at. Some of the world's biggest music names established themselves in Ireland before becoming successful in the UK and beyond - just think of the likes of U2, Thin Lizzy, Van Morrison and Damien Rice.

It's not just a case of Irish artists making it big in Ireland before achieving success in the UK however - British acts have often become successful in Ireland before developing their career further in Britain too (David Gray being a prime example). A good start in Ireland can create an excellent platform for further success, and our Irish PR campaigns are designed to help you achieve just that.

Making the most out of an Irish music PR campaign

When you hire us to work on your Irish music PR campaign, we will service your release to key Irish tastemakers across press, radio and TV, with a view to raising your profile significantly in the country. Any coverage emerging from Ireland can then be used proactively in the UK to build your profile here too (and vice versa). Prescription PR are one of the few agencies in the UK that run bespoke press campaigns in both Britain and Ireland, meaning that we are uniquely placed to make the most out of any coverage or success you attain in either territory.

Recent music PR projects in Ireland

We have carried out a wide range of Irish music PR campaigns for both Irish and international artists including:

  • Autumn Owls

  • Aimee Mann

  • Chris de Burgh

  • Chris Helme (The Seahorses)

  • Girl Band

  • Glimmermen

  • Low Sea

  • Moya

  • Simone Felice

Find out more about our Irish Music PR services

You can either hire us to work on a music PR campaign that covers Ireland alone, or alternatively request our Irish PR service as an addition to your UK campaign - we can provide very cost effective packages that combine the two services.

For more information or to request a quotation for Irish music PR, just contact us today.

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