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The Molochs at The Quietus


The Molochs ‘Flowers In The Spring’ album review at The Quietus

The Molochs are nonetheless a striking proposition, for two reasons: their spectacularly caustic wit; and their refined ability to chisel away at a song until it is sharp, sinewy and instantly catchy.
— The Quietus

The Molochs on NME

The Molochs 'The literary influences behind their barn-storming debut record' on NME

If the album feels like you’re travelling through the US in a beat-up old car, and casually tuning in and out of a dozen different radio stations – well, that’s kind of intentional.

The Molochs album review in The Guardian

The Molochs album review in The Guardian

Like their fellow Los Angelenos, the Molochs are in thrall to that point in the mid-60s where beat groups, garage bands and psychedelic outfits began to merge into each other.
— The Guardian