As regular readers of The Prescription will know, I generally write articles every couple of weeks or so about a particular topic of music promotion. These are usually full-length, meaty affairs which delve into one particular topic, and here at Prescription we like to think of them as the music promo advice equivalent of steak and chips (complete with a generous splash of pepper sauce) served up to our subscribers. However in the light of the recent horsemeat scandal we’re feeling suddenly less gone on steak, so this week we thought we’d offer you sushi – namely, an online bento box of sorts stocked with links to some interesting music promo advice we have (shock!) come across on other sites. Read on for some delicious and hopefully not-too-fishy articles on the likes of the Facebook v Twitter debate; why small is the new big; the importance of having 1000 true fans; what can be learnt from Michael Bublé; why success in the music industry really is all down to who you know and more. Enjoy…

The Facebook V Twitter debate

Which is better for marketing your music – Facebook or Twitter? Well, over at CD Baby’s DIY musician’s blog, there’s a dude who reckons Twitter is much better, and he gives you four reasons why.

Why small is the new big

I came across an old 2005 blog post by US marketing guru Seth Godin recently which caught my attention; it’s about why ‘small is the new big’. Since small is the new big, I won’t expand on what he’s talking about – read the post yourself and find out. What I will say is that 8 years after Godin started going on about this, the idea is probably more relevant today than ever before, and particularly to musicians. Check out Seth’s post here

The 1,000 true fans

Another oldie – but a goldie, and one that all DIY musicians should read: Kevin Kelly’s very popular post on how finding ‘1000 true fans’ might be a way to actually make a living from music. Read the ‘1000 True Fans’ post here.

Michael Bublé’s 10,000 hours

Writer Malcolm Gladwell reckons that if you put 10,000 hours into something, that’s when you start to get lucky. And Make it in Music think that Michael Bublé’s career is a prime example of this. Interesting post which also doubles up as a pep talk to dispirited musicians – check it out on the Make It In Music site here

It’s all who you know

There is much truth in the words ‘it’s all who you know’ – and this delightful post on Music Think Tank explains very neatly why. Read it and find out how simply buying a dude a pizza lead to all manner of opportunities in the music industry.

The money is in the list

Finally, here’s a bit of seaweed to end on: one of our own posts (I lied when we said we would just include links to other people’s work). It’s called ‘The Money Is In The List’ and dates all the way back to September 2011; it’s about how even in this age of Facebook and Twitter, your email database is possibly the most important thing to develop and stay on top of. It’s not one of our most-read posts (odd given that it’s got the word ‘money’ in the title) but it’s one of our most important. Read the article here.

Right, I'm off to get smashed on Sake.

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