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A shorter-than-usual post this, but hopefully a useful one nonetheless. In between pushing bands in people's faces, writing this sort of stuff to help said bands push music in people's faces, and attempting to make my own sweet musical racket that I then go off and push in your face, I do a bit of freelance marketing work for various clients that - shock! horror! - operate in fields that have nothing to do with music. And, as part of this not-very-rock-and-roll work, I came across a fantastic little tool called 'Marketing Grader' which is great for checking how 'good' a website is from a marketing point of view...and I thought "Aha! Devoted readers of The Prescription might like that." I also thought about trees, organic beer, ladies in tennis outfits and how we can make the world a better place, but I digress. 

Anyway, you just whack your band's URL into Marketing Grader (which is made by a crowd called Hubspot, incidentally) and it examines three key aspects of your website:

  • its content, and how you have optimised it
  • how your site converts traffic into leads or sales (in your case fans, or even better, music-purchasers)
  • how you go about analysing your traffic and lead (fan) generation - or lack of it

It then gives you a score which makes you despair about the quality of your website. But all is not lost, becuase you then get a set of very clear instructions as to how you can tweak your site so that its content, conversion optimisation and analytics all combine to radically improve your marketing. Marketing Grader advises on everything from SEO to social media - you get a comprehensive report on precisely what you need to do to turn your site from heap of nonsense into a glimmering marketing machine.

Although Marketing Grader is clearly developed for use with websites that are run by boring men in suits rather than hairy men in bands, it can be used to gain some very interesting insights about your music website (which, I believe, still remains a hugely important part of any music promo activity, if not the most important).

You can try Marketing Grader out here. And before you ask, no, I'm not working for Hubspot in my spare time. Or on commission. I'm just trying to be helpful, OK?

'The Prescription' is written by independent musician and Head of Digital Communications at Prescription PR, Chris Singleton.  

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