Given what we do here at Prescription PR, a big part of our job is to scour the big, wide world of web to stay abreast of all the latest developments in the world of music promo.

So in today’s article, we thought we’d mix things up a little and give you a little bento box full of delightful music promotion tips prepared by – shock!  horror! – other people. So read on for some tasty morsels about how musicians may benefit from the newly-launched Google+, how to sell out every venue you play, making your own iPhone app and more…

Google+ for  musicians

You may have noticed that Google launched their new social network recently, Google+. Musicians all across the globe are already wondering how they can use it to spam people into music-purchasing submission, and Wired Magazine have produced a good article about what Google+ may mean for bands and their fans here:

How to sell out every venue you play

There’s nothing as disheartening as playing a half-full venue, is there? Well, don’t worry, help is at hand, courtesy of CD Baby’s interesting ideas on how to sell out every venue you play:

Making your own iPhone app

Making an iPhone app is difficult, right? You need to be a whizz-kid, have a sound knowledge of coding, and a direct line to Steve Jobs to create a successful app. Well, perhaps not. We’ve come across a useful little tool called App Makr, which lets you build basic iPhone and Android apps. You can check it out here:

Making the most of your Facebook page

If you’re in a band, chances are you have a Facebook page. And chances are, it’s not very good. Time for a tune-up? Check out Make it in Music’s very useful guide to making the most of your Facebook page:


There’s a new kid on the online music promo block: Onesheet. It takes all of your inane Facebook / Twitter / Myspace ramblings – as well as concert dates, blog posts and more - and whacks them all on one (fairly pretty-looking we must say) web page. In a nutshell it lets your fans stay up to date on everything you’re doing, on every network, without having to constantly flick from social network to social network. In some respects, it negates the need for a band website (although we still think a band website is very important). Take a look at:

That’s your bento box for now. Hope you went easy on the Saki.

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