You've probably read recently that Spotify is halving its free music allowance. Non-paying users of the UK free music streaming service, which currently allows listeners to stream up to 20 hours of music for free per month, will now have to make do with 10 hours - let's call that about 12 (advert-interrupted) albums worth of material.

The Guardian's Charles Arthur's take on it is that this allowance halving is not so much about trying to increase the number of UK subscribers as placating American labels with which it is negotiating to try to get permission to launch in the US.

Regardless of the machinations in the US however, it will still be interesting to see if the halving of the free music allowance will tempt (or push) a significant number of existing UK Spotify users into coughing up £10 per month for the paid-for service, which allows you to listen to unlimited music, does not feature any adverts, and allows streaming mobile devices (rather than just from your PC). 

A good offer, but in an era of free-everything, still a big ask; many people may simply revert to good old-fashioned piracy. And of course, there is always we7 to think about, which offers a very similar service to Spotify - and is still completely free.

How do I get my music on Spotify?

Whatever the implications of Spotify's new approach to free streaming, we're pretty sure that independent or unsigned bands will continue to ask us the following question: "how they I get my music on Spotify?"

It's pretty easily done actually - you just need to ensure that your music is being distributed by one of the 'digital aggregators' that Spotify work with - CD Baby, Tunecore etc. Generally speaking you just upload your music via the aggregator's website and tick a box to allow them whack it on Spotify (you can find full information about this on the Spotify website). Whether or not having your music on Spotify will help or hinder sales of course, is another question...

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