Drahla at DIY


Drahla share new single on DIY

Drahla have offered another preview of ‘Useless Coordinates’ with new track ‘Pyramid Estate’.

Glen Hansard at The Telegraph

Glen Hansard.png

Glen Hansard interviewed in The Telegraph

Glen Hansard is an Irish singer-songwriter held in high regard by the greatest singer-songwriters in the world.
— The Telegraph

Fontaines D.C. at The Guardian


Fontaines D.C. 5* review in The Guardian

This is the kind of songwriting quality that bands can take years to reach, or never reach at all: brilliant, top to bottom.
— The Guardian

Kazu Makino at DIY


Kazu Makino new album news at DIY


Jaws at Dork


Jaws featured in Dork

It’s been a long time coming. With the first material written for this new record dating back two summers ago, a lot has gone into making Jaws’ third album everything it could be.
— Dork

The Murder Capital at The Guardian

The Murder Capital.jpg

The Murder Capital featured in The Guardian

The Murder Capital are outrageously exciting live. The young Dublin quintet’s brutal art-punk rock is thrilling on the edge of terrifying: new year fireworks in a metal tent.
— The Guardian

Marvin Gaye review in NME

Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye’s Your The Man was recently reviewed in NME.

The eerie parallels between 1972 and 2019 mean that this timeless, long-shelved record feels especially important...it’s a pleasure to listen to, inviting a new generation to connect with the legendary singer.
— Thomas Hobbs, NME

Larry ‘Ratso’ Sloman at The Guardian


Larry ‘Ratso’ Sloman featured in The Guardian.

He drank with Leonard Cohen, ribbed Bob Dylan and Joan Baez gave him his nickname. Now, 68 years into an extraordinary life, the writer is releasing his first album – with a little help from Nick Cave.
— The Guardian

Theon Cross at Rolling Stone


Theon Cross interviewed at Rolling Stone.

Working in buzzy groups like Sons of Kemet and with his own lean, commanding trio, the Londoner is putting the focus back on the low end.
— Rolling Stone

Crows at NME


Crows interviewed at NME.

Crows’ long-awaited debut album drags them out of the darkness.

Jamie Freeman at The Boot


Jamie Freeman video premiere at The Boot.

With its upbeat melody and universally applicable lyrics, the song is a solid reminder to stick it out with the person you love, even when things get a little tough.
— The Boot

Marvin Gaye at Clash


Marvin Gaye - unreleased album news at Clash.

The soul giant’s 80th birthday would have landed on April 2nd, and to celebrate something special has been unearthed from the vaults.
— Clash

Plague Vendor at DIY Magazine


Plague Vendor - new album news at DIY Magazine.

‘By Night’, produced by John Congleton, will be out on 7th June. It’s the follow-up to 2016 album ‘BLOODSWEAT’.
— DIY Magazine

The Hold Steady at The Times


The Hold Steady - live review at The Times.

On the first of three nights in London the Brooklynite band were as life-affirming as we have come to expect and the energy surged from the start.
— The Times

Drahla at The FADER


Drahla video premiere at The FADER.

Fiery sax is laced over the trio’s post-punk landscape as Luciel Brown urges listeners to “take a bite of life.” It’s a frantic and densley packed song full of ideas and angst.

EuroNoize at FACT Mag


EuroNoize - event news at FACT Mag.

The EU-funded event is described as a celebration of “music that runs deeper than national borders” and was set up by promoters Galia and Pil Kollectiv to “represent the secret international fellowship of ‘punx and weirdos’ stretching everywhere from Russia to Ireland”.
— FACT Mag