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Silverbacks at Stereogum


Silverbacks ‘Just In The Band’ song premiere at Stereogum.

It’s another promising installment in Silverbacks’ early output, a suggestion that their forthcoming album will be an overdriven display of gratifyingly dense guitars and vocal hooks alike.
— Stereogum

Moon Panda at Kaltblut


Moon Panda premiere new song ‘Gun’ at Kaltblut.

Following their critically acclaimed debut track ‘Rabbit’, Moon Panda continue their mantra to create “dreamy space pop for dreamy space people”.
— Kaltblut

Fontaines DC at DIY


Fontaines DC’s ‘Too Real’ - single review at DIY.

The foundation of Dublin punks Fontaines DC is based around their love of poetry. Inspired by Yeats, Joyce and their vibrant, ever-changing hometown, two worlds blend together gorgeously in their ramshackle guitar pop.

Imperial Daze at M Magazine


Imperial Daze interview at M Magazine.

Polyphonic analogue synths, cowboy guitars and proto-funk – it’s all fair game for Peckham pacemakers Imperial Daze.
— M Magazine

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam at Drowned In Sound

sunshine frisbee.jpg

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam album review at Drowned In Sound.

The second half of the record is pure unadulterated joy, the accelerator pedal pushed down hard to the floor on ‘Mrs JR Hartley’ and ‘MK Ultra’. Punk rock in ethos and delivery, they capture the band’s live fury in all their glory.
— Drowned In Sound

Fontaines DC at NME


Fontaines DC interview and feature at NME.

Fontaines D.C. are the surrealist punks soundtracking an anxious generation.



YOWL share new track ‘John The Collector’ at DIY.

Ahead of their live show in the capital, the band have now shared their new track ‘John The Collector’, which was recorded as part of the Jäger Curtain Call programme at London’s Tileyard Education Studios.

Fontaines DC at DIY


Fontaines DC interview at DIY.

These Dubliners are taking the pleasure and pain of their surroundings and turning it into ramshackle poetry.

Buke and Gase at The Line of Best Fit


Buke and Gase announce new album at The Line of Best Fit.

Last month Buke and Gase broke their five year silence by debuting two new tracks ‘No Land’ and ‘Pink Boots’. Today the experimental duo reveal their latest cut ‘Derby’, which arrives with news of their new album Scholars.
— The Line of Best Fit

Hajk at Indie Shuffle


Hajk ‘Dancing Like This’ at Indie Shuffle.

Oslo-based band Hajk are cool. We’ve already told you that before. Which means I was pretty excited to hear another new song from them.
— Indie Shuffle

Estrons at Gigwise


Estrons - Tali Källström interview at Gigwise.

Under the title of You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough, these tracks clock in at under thirty minutes long, careering through a smorgasbord of emotion in the tide of that heavy, recognisably-Estrons guitar and Tali’s tearing, emotional voice.
— Gigwise

Foxing at DIY


Foxing ‘Heartbeats’ new video at DIY.

Foxing released their brilliant new album ‘Nearer My God’ last month, and have now shared a video for its poppiest moment, ‘Heartbeats’.

Black Belt Eagle Scout at Loud and Quiet


Black Belt Eagle Scout album review at Loud and Quiet

...a large part of the album acts as a meditation on her life and identity at this point in her life, especially on ‘Indians Never Die’, a song about the destruction of her ancestral land.
— Loud and Quiet

The Molochs at The Quietus


The Molochs ‘Flowers In The Spring’ album review at The Quietus

The Molochs are nonetheless a striking proposition, for two reasons: their spectacularly caustic wit; and their refined ability to chisel away at a song until it is sharp, sinewy and instantly catchy.
— The Quietus

Joe Talbot from IDLES at Crack Magazine


Joe Talbot from IDLES does a guest blog on the NHS for Crack Magazine

Our mortality is what levels us all. Whether we are the Queen or are homeless we can all get ill or we can all get hit by a bus tomorrow.
— Joe from IDLES