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Gunship premiere GTA video on Vice

Gunship premiere first ever video created in GTA PC Editor on Vice

It’s analogue-slick, but futuristic too, a fever-dream of possibility running through the head
— Vice

NME premiere for Nai Harvest

Nai Harvest in NME
Nai Harvest are a Sheffield two-piece so full of joyous give-a-fuck abandon and pop-punk glee that I’d liquidise their music and have it plugged directly into my veins via intravenous drip, if only that were scientifically possible.
— Al Horner, NME

Clash Magazine premiere for ticktock


We recently secured ticktock a song premiere in Clash for track 'A- A- A-.'

Seemingly kicked off as an experiment in 2-step, this slowed down, hallucinogenic piece of machine funk feels wonderfully at ease with its own idiosyncrasies.
— Robin Murray,