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Art Nikels: exclusive stream in Earmilk

Art Nikels / Earmilk

We recently secured an exclusive stream for Art Nikels and their track "Hesitation Makes" in Earmilk.

Tuning a formless blend of psych-rock that holds a firm electronic foundation at its core, the band hones in a particular sound on this EP that feels like a passing cloud on a nice warm day
— Earmilk

Album review for Sam Lee & Friends on MusicOHM

Sam Lee

Check out a 4.5 star out of 5 review for Sam Lee's album "The Fade In Time" on MusicOMH.

This music is restless but keenly aware, finding common ground and intersections between a range of source material and contemporary contexts and, most importantly of all, delivering these songs with honesty, conviction and genuine feeling.
— Daniel Patton, MusicOMH

Premiere for ZOHARA in The Line of Best Fit

Sohara in The Line of Best Fit

We've secured a video premiere for ZOHARA over at The Line of Best Fit, for her track "Bass & Drum" - take a look here.

ZOHARA’s sense of hope and optimism is palpable, and despite the track’s darker intentions, it’s a really uplifting introduction from from an artist clearly brimming with ideas.
— Laurence Day, The Line of Best Fit

Andrea Balency featured in Fader

Andrea Balency's "Deep Sunk" was recently featured on

On “Deep Sunk,” London-based, Franco-Mexican artist Andrea Balency ekes out an uncanny blend of the two, her voice forming non-verbal notes that pile atop of percussively handled synths. Her vision is total, and it’s strikingly effective.
— Ruth Saxelby,

The Grubby Mitts in The Line of Best Fit

The Grubby Mitts

We've secured The Grubby Mitts a track premiere for 'Worm of Eternal Return' (not to mention some nice words) on The Line of Best Fit.

Between the words are a melange of clanging off-kilter chimes, almost Gamelan-like in timbre, and charming percussive thwacks. Among these more experimental features is a post-rock soundscape, bursting with intensity, not unlike I Like Trains, with ramps up for a brilliant crescendo
— Laurence Day, The Line of Best Fit