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Twelfth Day at Clash


Twelfth Day at Clash

Twelfth Day is a two-piece partnership, two musicians tying together folk threads into something intense and hypnotic.
— Clash

Chloe Foy at Folk Radio


Chloe Foy at Folk Radio

Chloe Foy writes a brand of melodic, homegrown music, bursting with colourful, lyrical and textural inflections evocative of much of the music she loves
— Folk Radio

Duncan Lloyd at PopMatters


Duncan Lloyd at PopMatters

The new video for Maxïmo Park guitarist Duncan Lloyd’s song “Outside Notion” is a beautifully lo-fi affair heavily influenced by the golden age of silent film.
— PopMatters

FUR at Brooklyn Vegan

“Nothing (Until Something Else Comes Along)” is the kind of dreamy, brokenhearted number that inspires mash notes and crying into your pillow, with all manner of heightened emotions wrapped up in pomade and hairspray.
— Brooklyn Vegan

Hauschka at CLASH

Key 2_Hauschka0250end-182222759.jpg

Hauschka video premiered at CLASH

Hauschka Performs ‘Talking To My Father’ In This Beautiful New Clip

Jamie Freeman at The Boot


Jamie Freeman video premiere at The Boot.

With its upbeat melody and universally applicable lyrics, the song is a solid reminder to stick it out with the person you love, even when things get a little tough.
— The Boot

Drahla at The FADER


Drahla video premiere at The FADER.

Fiery sax is laced over the trio’s post-punk landscape as Luciel Brown urges listeners to “take a bite of life.” It’s a frantic and densley packed song full of ideas and angst.

Swazi Gold at Clash

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 14.56.14.JPG

Swazi Gold 'Shapeshifting' - video premiere at Clash.

The cool visuals are the work of Ben Jones, with the video illustrator commenting: “Sometimes risks don’t pay off, but there’s always room to groove…”
— Clash

Estrons at The Independent


Estrons - ‘Body’ video premiere on The Independent.

Fronted by Tali Källström, they’re a perfect pop band for 2018 in the sense that they have an absolute disregard for genre.
— The Independent

Run Logan Run video premiere on Clash


Run Logan Run 'Death Is Elsewhere' - video premiere on Clash

Just two people, their frenetic approach to improvisation could loosely be termed jazz, but it also borrows from dirty electronics and heavier aspects of rock music.
— Clash

Table Scraps video premiere at DIY


Table Scraps 'Sick of me' - video premiere at DIY

A few weeks back, Birmingham trio Table Scraps returned with newie ‘Sick of Me’, a bop-able slice of garage rock.

Afrikan Boy video premiere at The Fader


Afrikan Boy 'Wot It Do?' video premiere at The Fader

Afrikan Boy channels the energy and bounce of the song as he dances on rooftops around London, bringing in people of all ages to vibe with him and his music.
— The Fader

Good Boy video premiere at The 405


Good Boy 'Fishing With A Shotgun' video premiere at The 405

Displeasure towards regressive/conservative leadership policies in 2017 doesn’t start and stop with Donald Trump.
— The 405

I’m With Her video premiere at Clash

I'm with her.jpg

I’m With Her – 'Send My Love (To Your New Lover)' - video premiere at Clash

...the song strips the contemporary thump of the original in favour of a simple bass accompaniment to melodious, countrified vocal harmonies, enhancing the song’s defiant and liberating message.
— Clash