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Crows at NME


Crows interviewed at NME.

Crows’ long-awaited debut album drags them out of the darkness.

Plague Vendor at DIY Magazine


Plague Vendor - new album news at DIY Magazine.

‘By Night’, produced by John Congleton, will be out on 7th June. It’s the follow-up to 2016 album ‘BLOODSWEAT’.
— DIY Magazine

The Hold Steady at The Times


The Hold Steady - live review at The Times.

On the first of three nights in London the Brooklynite band were as life-affirming as we have come to expect and the energy surged from the start.
— The Times

The Get Up Kids at DIY


The Get Up Kids new album news at DIY.

The band have also shared the album’s first single ‘Satellite’.

Fontaines DC at NME


Fontaines D.C. debut album announced at NME.

Set for release on April 12, the debut album sees the Dublin punks on ferocious form after being included as one of NME’s 100 essential acts for 2019.

Charly Bliss at The 405


Charly Bliss new single review at The 405.

Charly Bliss fully embrace their pop proclivities on ‘Capacity’, the first single from their new album.
— The 405

Guided By Voices at The Line Of Best Fit


Guided By Voices album review at The Line Of Best Fit.

Sounding as looming and gargantuan as its title, Zeppelin Over China gladly takes the opportunity to delve deep into frontman and rock scholar Robert Pollard’s long-held “four Ps” theory - the notion that the key pillars of rock and roll are pop, punk, prog and psychedelia.
— The Line Of Best Fit

Crows at The Line Of Best Fit


Crows announce debut record at The Line Of Best Fit.

London’s Crows have signed to Balley Records, run by IDLES’ Joe Talbot. To coincide with the signing they’ve also brought news of their long-awaited debut album, and the lead single “Chain of Being”.
— The Line Of Best Fit



IDLES talk about the Brit Award Nomination and more at NME.

IDLES frontman Joe Talbot has spoken of the “magical” and “fucking stunning” surprise of being nominated for a BRIT Award, as well as progress on their upcoming third album.

Guided By Voices at The Quietus


Guided By Voices news at The Quietus.

Cult garage rock band Guided By Voices have announced their first UK gig in over 15 years and you can stream a new track by them, ‘The Rally Boys’.
— The Quietus



YOWL interview in ‘Class of 2019’ at DIY.

Spinning surreal, twisted tales with a sneakily melodic centre, YOWL are breaking out of their South London beginnings into a realm that’s entirely their own.

IDLES at Crack magazine


IDLES on the cover and special feature at Crack magazine.

Yet alongside the critical acclaim and sold-out shows, between the wild Jools Holland appearance and the Charlie Brooker endorsement, something else has been happening. IDLES have found themselves the unlikely centre of a movement.
— Crack magazine

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam at Drowned In Sound

sunshine frisbee.jpg

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam album review at Drowned In Sound.

The second half of the record is pure unadulterated joy, the accelerator pedal pushed down hard to the floor on ‘Mrs JR Hartley’ and ‘MK Ultra’. Punk rock in ethos and delivery, they capture the band’s live fury in all their glory.
— Drowned In Sound

Life live session for M Magazine


Life - live session for M Magazine.

Armed with ferocious riffs and no-holds-barred lyrics of disillusionment (Trump, Brexit, police violence), the staunchly DIY quartet have been tearing up stages from SXSW to Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg over the past 12 months.
— M Magazine

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam at NME


Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam at NME.

For World Mental Health Day, Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam‘s Pete Dixon has penned an emotional essay for NME about masculinity and mental health, reflecting on his own past suicide attempt.

Estrons at Gigwise


Estrons - Tali Källström interview at Gigwise.

Under the title of You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough, these tracks clock in at under thirty minutes long, careering through a smorgasbord of emotion in the tide of that heavy, recognisably-Estrons guitar and Tali’s tearing, emotional voice.
— Gigwise