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Charly Bliss at NME


Charly Bliss featured at NME

They’ve made an album that turns negativity into something completely the opposite; a radiant beacon of positivity that encourages listeners to take strength from it and become their own heroes.

Fur at Wonderland


Fur - feature at Wonderland.

You’ve probably heard enough declarations of love today, but here’s one with a slight twist. Brighton newcomers FUR have concocted a visual love letter to their beloved hometown.
— Wonderland

Glen Hansard at The Line Of Best Fit


Glen Hansard new album news at The Line Of Best Fit.

Oscar-winning Glen Hansard is back with news of his fourth solo record ‘This Wild Willing’, announced alongside lead single ‘I’ll Be You, Be Me’.
— The Line Of Best Fit

Dwight Trible at CLASH


Dwight Trible - news and track at CLASH.

A heavily improvisational take, the tumbling piano notes are complimented by the avant funk groove, one that connects with the spirit of the original.
— Clash

IDLES at Crack magazine


IDLES on the cover and special feature at Crack magazine.

Yet alongside the critical acclaim and sold-out shows, between the wild Jools Holland appearance and the Charlie Brooker endorsement, something else has been happening. IDLES have found themselves the unlikely centre of a movement.
— Crack magazine

JAWS at Paste


JAWS new single ‘Driving At Night’ at Paste.

‘Driving at Night’ is a soaring jangle-pop tune a la Beach Fossils or Wild Nothing, and its rumbling ardor perfectly mirrors the untouchable high of cruising at nightfall, anthems blaring on the car stereo and the wind gently kissing your skin.
— Paste



IDLES album tops ’s albums of 2018 at BBC News.

The group’s second album Joy as an Act of Resistance is “a really powerful record but it’s still quite sly,” said DJ Steve Lamacq.
— BBC News

IDLES in The Economist


IDLES - feature in The Economist.

On “Joy as an Act of Resistance”, their second album, the British band lets loose on immigration, Brexit and class
— The Economist

Joe Talbot from IDLES at Crack Magazine


Joe Talbot from IDLES does a guest blog on the NHS for Crack Magazine

Our mortality is what levels us all. Whether we are the Queen or are homeless we can all get ill or we can all get hit by a bus tomorrow.
— Joe from IDLES

Black Belt Eagle Scout at DIY Magazine


Black Belt Eagle Scout - introducing feature at DIY Magazine

A record that sways between crunchy guitars and softer, more delicate moments, KP draws from her childhood spent in a small Indian reservation in Washington state in her music, melding together themes of frustration and dreaming into her lyrics.
— DIY Magazine

Buke and Gase at The Line Of Best Fit


Buke and Gase new songs featured at The Line Of Best Fit

Brooklyn’s experimental indie duo Buke and Gase are back with “No Land” and “Pink Boots”, their first tracks since 2017’s Arone vs. Aron EP.
— The Line Of Best Fit

The Joy Formidable at Clash


The Joy Formidable - influences feature at Clash

A stirring, inspired record, ‘AAARTH’ arrives shortly - Clash invited Ritzy to name a few key Influences that inspired them along the way...
— Clash



IDLES - 'music with a message' feature on ITV News

While singing in support of the NHS and immigration, their music also deals with mental health, and in particular in their new album ‘Joy As An Act of Resistance’, toxic masculinity.
— ITV News