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Astrid Sonne album review at Drowned In Sound


Astrid Sonne album 'Human Lines' review at Drowned In Sound

This is an excellent album, and should appeal to anyone interested in contemporary composition, avant-garde electronic music, or travelling between different worlds and zones.
— Drowned In Sound

Soho Rezanejad album review at The Quietus

Soho Rezanejad.jpg

Soho Rezanejad album review at The Quietus

Rezanejad’s vocals – a heady mix of Nico’s monotone croon, the booming and unexpected inner strength of Zola Jesus and the idiosyncratic dexterity of Kate Bush – lends an resonance that is perfectly in sync with the electronic soundscapes and silences that form the bedrock of her music.
— The Quietus

Placebo concert review on Noisey


Placebo concert review on Noisey.

The band’s sold-out London shows this week were a testament to how much they’ve mattered for more than 20 years.
— Noisey

Underwater Boys debut single at DIY


Underwater Boys 'Everyone You Know' debut single at DIY

A pair of brothers - Tom and Nick Klar - Underwater Boys make hazy psych-pop that appears blissful on the surface but is underpinned by lyrical tensions.

Craig Finn album review in The Guardian

Craig Finn 'We All Want the Same Things' album review in The Guardian

As ever, there are plenty of character studies – of lovers and barflies and drug dealers – but there’s also a sense of Finn mining his own past for narrative detail.
— The Guardian

The Molochs on NME

The Molochs 'The literary influences behind their barn-storming debut record' on NME

If the album feels like you’re travelling through the US in a beat-up old car, and casually tuning in and out of a dozen different radio stations – well, that’s kind of intentional.

Dearly Beloved on Rock Sound

Dearly Beloved album review on Rock Sound

An uncompromising study of just how much noise two people can make, it’s part experimental noise a la Sonic Youth and part heavy riffs a la Queens Of The Stone Age, wrapped into one deafening fireball.
— Rock Sound

The Molochs album review in The Guardian

The Molochs album review in The Guardian

Like their fellow Los Angelenos, the Molochs are in thrall to that point in the mid-60s where beat groups, garage bands and psychedelic outfits began to merge into each other.
— The Guardian