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Video premieres

Estrons at The Independent


Estrons - ‘Body’ video premiere on The Independent.

Fronted by Tali Källström, they’re a perfect pop band for 2018 in the sense that they have an absolute disregard for genre.
— The Independent

Run Logan Run video premiere on Clash


Run Logan Run 'Death Is Elsewhere' - video premiere on Clash

Just two people, their frenetic approach to improvisation could loosely be termed jazz, but it also borrows from dirty electronics and heavier aspects of rock music.
— Clash

Table Scraps video premiere at DIY


Table Scraps 'Sick of me' - video premiere at DIY

A few weeks back, Birmingham trio Table Scraps returned with newie ‘Sick of Me’, a bop-able slice of garage rock.

Afrikan Boy video premiere at The Fader


Afrikan Boy 'Wot It Do?' video premiere at The Fader

Afrikan Boy channels the energy and bounce of the song as he dances on rooftops around London, bringing in people of all ages to vibe with him and his music.
— The Fader

Good Boy video premiere at The 405


Good Boy 'Fishing With A Shotgun' video premiere at The 405

Displeasure towards regressive/conservative leadership policies in 2017 doesn’t start and stop with Donald Trump.
— The 405

I’m With Her video premiere at Clash

I'm with her.jpg

I’m With Her – 'Send My Love (To Your New Lover)' - video premiere at Clash

...the song strips the contemporary thump of the original in favour of a simple bass accompaniment to melodious, countrified vocal harmonies, enhancing the song’s defiant and liberating message.
— Clash

The Black Angels video premiere on Consequence of Sound

The Black Angels video for 'I’d Kill For Her' video premiere on Consequence of Sound

Nothing says psychedelia like visual trails. Those wavy lines that seem to ripple away from every moving object often diffuse a sense of both wonder and fear. In a strange way, that makes them a perfect match for The Black Angels’ track “I’d Kill For Her”.
— Consequence of Sound

First look at the new video from Loved Ones on Beat

First look at the new video ‘One Big Kiss’ from Loved Ones on Beat

The visual involves a stack of print-out images of Loved Ones singer Nik Glover. It might look like a low-budget bright idea, but please take into consideration the insane cost of printer ink!
— Beat

Fassine's 'Gold' video premiere on Notion

Fassine's 'Gold' video premiere on Notion

The latest single from their upcoming second album Gourami,’Gold’ twists and turns as it unfolds, switching from haunting isolated vocals to dense layers of synthetic and live instrumentation.
— Notion

Holy Boy 'Deep Sky' video premiere on Pop Dust

Holy Boy 'Deep Sky' video premiere on Pop Dust.

The wavy alt-rock track is a lot more energetic than ‘Deep Sky,’ a doleful, organ-driven track that comes paired with visuals that match it’s dream-like energy.
— Pop Dust

Loved Ones 'Without Face' video premiere at DIY

Loved Ones 'Without Face' video premiere at DIY

On the surface, it’s a fluttering, skittering piece of alt-pop, with Nik’s falsetto gliding over the top, a bit like a less bombastic moment from M83 or a more contemporary version of St Etienne’s glimmering electro-pop.

Myles Manley video premiere on The Fader

Myles Manley video premiere 'Relax; Enjoy Your Night Upon The Town' on The Fader

The Irish singer/songwriter pulls his own “Praise You”-style dance moves across a city, his jerky movements embodying the anxiety of his folk-pop single.
— The Fader