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Imperial Daze at M Magazine


Imperial Daze interview at M Magazine.

Polyphonic analogue synths, cowboy guitars and proto-funk – it’s all fair game for Peckham pacemakers Imperial Daze.
— M Magazine

Fontaines DC at NME


Fontaines DC interview and feature at NME.

Fontaines D.C. are the surrealist punks soundtracking an anxious generation.

IDLES interview at Music Radar


IDLES interview at Music Radar.

After their strident 2017 debut, Brutalism, Idles have earned a reputation for trafficking in combustible angst, but they share a belief that reshaping anger via the weaponising of joy might just help us exorcise the demons that are pulling society apart.
— Music Radar

Placebo at Noisey


Placebo interview on ‘Without You I’m Nothing’ at Noisey.

We spoke to bassist Stefan Olsdal about intimacy, otherness and sticking to your convictions – all things that packed the album with enough gut punches to stand the test of two decades.
— Noisey

Fontaines DC at DIY


Fontaines DC interview at DIY.

These Dubliners are taking the pleasure and pain of their surroundings and turning it into ramshackle poetry.

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam at NME


Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam at NME.

For World Mental Health Day, Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam‘s Pete Dixon has penned an emotional essay for NME about masculinity and mental health, reflecting on his own past suicide attempt.

Estrons at Gigwise


Estrons - Tali Källström interview at Gigwise.

Under the title of You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough, these tracks clock in at under thirty minutes long, careering through a smorgasbord of emotion in the tide of that heavy, recognisably-Estrons guitar and Tali’s tearing, emotional voice.
— Gigwise

Young Waters at Folk Radio


Young Waters interview at Folk Radio

Having recently reviewed their impressive and innovative self-titled debut album which is set to drop on 28th September, we managed to gather the members of Bristol-based band Young Waters together for a chat.
— Folk Radio

Foxing at DIY


Foxing interview at DIY

Ahead of releasing furious, lung-bursting new album ‘Nearer My God’, Foxing’s Conor Murphy is fighting the apocalypse.

IDLES interview at The Guardian


IDLES Joe Talbot interview at The Guardian

The band’s debut album, Brutalism, was hailed as a rage-fuelled masterpiece. The singer recalls how frustration at being a carer for his sick mum led him down a dark path – and how he learned to channel that anger.
— The Guardian

You Are Wolf interview at The Guardian

youare wolf.jpg

You Are Wolf - Kerry Andrew - interview at The Guardian

The composer and novelist, who performs folk under the name You Are Wolf, talks about how her obsession with water inspired new album Keld
— You Are Wolf

Soho Rezanejad at The 405

Soho Rezanejad.jpg

Soho Rezanejad interview at The 405

We talked to the Danish musician about the impetus and inspirations for her new album Six Archetypes
— The 405

Glen Hansard at The i


Glen Hansard - Street Fighting Man - interview at The i

Success beyond the streets is something that has taken Hansard time to acclimatise to. “Fame is a very complex thing.”
— The i

Sex Pistols interview in NME


Sex Pistols interview in NME.

Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones on ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’, reunions and John Lydon’s Trump comments.