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Mothers at Loud And Quiet


Mothers album review at Loud And Quiet

Variegated textures come with jagged rhythm guitars and heavy percussive lines; the polyrhythmic influence is evident on tracks like ‘PINK’ with a brilliantly thunderous mesh of pedals and distortion.
— Loud And Quiet

Soho Rezanejad feature at FACT

Soho Rezanejad.jpg

Soho Rezanejad artist feature at FACT

The glossy, sci-fi-esque album art features a female figure who looks like she’s just stepped out of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, mirroring the album’s retro-futuristic production and distorted robotic vocals.

Astrid Sonne feature on DJ


Astrid Sonne 'Fresh Kicks' feature on DJ

Danish experimental electronic composer Astrid Sonne delivers an eclectic, energised mix of breaks, beats and soundscapes...
— DJ

Ost & Kjex exclusive mix in Thump

Ost & Kjex exclusive mix in Thump

stuffed it to the gills with what you might term ‘soothing grooves,’ or ‘serene bangers’
— Thump

Art Nikels: exclusive stream in Earmilk

Art Nikels / Earmilk

We recently secured an exclusive stream for Art Nikels and their track "Hesitation Makes" in Earmilk.

Tuning a formless blend of psych-rock that holds a firm electronic foundation at its core, the band hones in a particular sound on this EP that feels like a passing cloud on a nice warm day
— Earmilk