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Motorhead: The Classic Album Selection

Box set: Motorhead: The Classic Album Selection
Label: Universal Music
Release date: 11 June 2012 

Forming the band after his unceremonious sacking from Hawkwind following an unfortunate narcotics misunderstanding at the Canadian border, then naming them after the very last song he wrote and recorded with the space cadets, Motörhead mainman and force of nature, Ian Fraser Kilmister, or Lemmy to the world, gunned the accelerator and wheel spun his very own ‘silver machine’ into the fast lane of the UK singles and album chart, leaving on-lookers spitting dust from gritted snaggleteeth!

Through varying line-up changes and more ups and downs than a spin on the Whacky Goldmine, Motörhead have released some of the most influential heavy metal rock 'n' roll known to any sub-human, and in doing so, have been widely regarded as spawning the illegitimate genre that became known as ‘speed metal’.

Now six of the band’s best albums are being released all in one box. They are original masters, housed in gate-fold replica wallets with original artwork - a perfect introduction to one of the greatest Metal bands in the world.

Albums included

1. Overkill
2. Bomber 
3. Ace of Spades
4. No Sleep Till Hammersmith
5. Iron Fist
6. Another Perfect Day 

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