Vandana track premiere on Wonderland

Vandana - 'Vicious' track premiere on Wonderland

...her music is a fusion of disquieting electronica with alternative pop: it builds on ancient Indian traditions and fables, resulting in a cathartic, deeply haunting but truly absorbing listen.
— Wonderland

Hiva Oa track premiere on Hot Press

Hiva Oa 'So Many Lies' track premiere on Hot Press

The single is a moody, minimal post-rock track that sees Stephen Houlihan’s vocals soaring high above dizzying electronica, funk-inspired basslines and sparse piercing percussion.
— Hot Press

Pale Honey track feature on DIY

Pale Honey - ‘Why Do I Always Feel This Way?’ track feature on DIY

They’ve swapped ferocious guitars for contemplative synths on their new single.

Loved Ones track premiere at Wonderland

Loved Ones - 'End of an Error' track premiere at Wonderland

he four piece band hailing from the North West of England have created an incredible low-fi indietronica track, with a slightly darker feel than their previous releases.
— Wonderland

Bad Religion's Greg Graffin interview on Huck Magazine

Bad Religion's Greg Graffin interview on Huck Magazine

Bad Religion frontman Greg Graffin is now an established author and professor in evolutionary science, having branched into other platforms to reach people. But he still can’t resist recording new music.
— Huck Magazine

Taking Names song premiere at Upset

Taking Names song premiere 'Say Anything' at Upset

The track’s loads of fun, with self-deprecating humour, a 10/10 catchiness rating and a bunch of “woahs” thrown in for good measure...
— Upset

The Molochs on NME

The Molochs 'The literary influences behind their barn-storming debut record' on NME

If the album feels like you’re travelling through the US in a beat-up old car, and casually tuning in and out of a dozen different radio stations – well, that’s kind of intentional.

Myles Manley video premiere on The Fader

Myles Manley video premiere 'Relax; Enjoy Your Night Upon The Town' on The Fader

The Irish singer/songwriter pulls his own “Praise You”-style dance moves across a city, his jerky movements embodying the anxiety of his folk-pop single.
— The Fader

Dearly Beloved on Rock Sound

Dearly Beloved album review on Rock Sound

An uncompromising study of just how much noise two people can make, it’s part experimental noise a la Sonic Youth and part heavy riffs a la Queens Of The Stone Age, wrapped into one deafening fireball.
— Rock Sound

Bad Religion’s Greg Graffin on NME

Bad Religion’s Greg Graffin blog on NME

Like the very worst aspects of mainstream music, politics has now become an escape from too complicated reality and legions of voters are buying into it.
— Greg Graffin on NME

Analog Candle single premiere on Wonderland

Analog Candle single premiere on Wonderland

Exhibiting Analog Candle’s unique avant-garde pop sound, the soaring vocals of Emma Tringali (of Pop & Obachan) are goose-bump inducing and the poignant lyrics will stay with you long after the track has finished.
— Wonderland

The Molochs album review in The Guardian

The Molochs album review in The Guardian

Like their fellow Los Angelenos, the Molochs are in thrall to that point in the mid-60s where beat groups, garage bands and psychedelic outfits began to merge into each other.
— The Guardian

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah on NME

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah announce new album, share new track ‘Fireproof’ on NME

“I wanted to experiment with packing lyrics. On this album, the lyrics and vocal melody effectively carry the songs, maybe more than anything else.”
— Alec Ounsworth from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah